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Dafydd Morgan

Dafydd Morgan is a Businessman and Author from Aberystwyth in Mid Wales.  He has been involved in the packaging industry for more than 30 years acquiring vast experience in plain and printed retail, industrial packaging and promotional products.

Dafydd is also a financial activist and critic who led the Stand Your Ground campaign. He is recognised for his work in relation to organised crime and its overall effect on the Global economy and is currently writing his second book.   

Dafydd is an experienced, international economic policy influencer and dispute negotiator. Several Governments recognise his work. 

He is also experienced in manufacturing, wholesale and retail markets and the supply chain.

He currently represents over 100 UK claimants in mediation with the UK Government and the banking sector. 

Dafydd is currently establishing the charity The Rebecca Organisation. 

Our charity gets its name from the West Wales Rebecca Riots (1839-1843) where, due to extreme poverty,  peasant farmers revolted against taxation, tyranny and oppression at road toll gates leading to the gates being destroyed.

The Rebecca Organisation will be Government funded yet totally independent of Government.  Its offices will be based in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia and will report directly to those Governments. 

Dafydd's first book - Where there's Muck

All media enquiries to Barry Tomes Media Group

"Drink, drugs, depression, antidepressants, mental health and suicide are not the problem, they are a symptom of a (economic) problem" 

Patrick Cullinane 1950 - 2016
Activist, Harrow, Middlesex

Rebecca Organisation - mission

It is said that we live in a democracy, yet the public are under an illusion, being 'delighted' to be enslaved through their money!

It is clear that some officialdom is completely out of control and have an ongoing culture of conspiracy and cover-up, going back for decades. 

Consequently,  the public are caught up in a never-ending circle of deceit and are unable to resolve even the simplest of disputes.

The Rebecca Organisation is here to actively try and resolve disputes through positive public change.

Headquarters - South Wales

International office - London

The initial matters concentrated on shall be:

Financial Crime - South Wales - Corruption, wrongdoing and injustice.

Health Auditing - Northern Ireland -Continual audits to uncover corruption, covered up future scandals, patient care, medical negligence, abuse and exploitation.

Missing Children - Scotland - Help families and individuals trace and reunite missing children/ family.

Public Sector - England - Auditing and dispute resolution for Police and Local Authority complaints, Police brutality, False charges, False imprisonment, Corrupted data and cover-ups.

Agricultural - London - Financial reset, food chain, food nutrition and national recovery of the Bee population etc.

Specialised units - The Charity will have two specialised units concerning abuse at undisclosed locations. I shall have no involvement with either unit. These units will work on claims surrounding children (claims will have to be processed through a third party) and past Northern Ireland troubles claims (claims will need to be processed through the Northern Ireland charity leader). Both units will only be accessible via email and will have no claimant facing staff.

Every department will have its own office with trained staff that will understand whistleblowers'/claimants' concerns and shall be overseen by people who have years of experience in these particular fields.