In 1991, Dafydd's business suffered a computer data crash, wiping out all business data. In order to recover the business, he brought in a business recovery specialist.

Very soon, this specialist found that the firm's accountant Maynard Samuel had been manipulating the firm's accounts and he met up with Samuel prior to issuing proceedings. 

Dafydd was approached and persuaded otherwise which then, led to him being targeted in order to destroy him. Very soon both parties were at war.


Aled Morgan AberystwythAt this time, Dafydd's parents had been forced into early retirement through ill-health and his brother Aled Morgan was now managing the family business. 

Aled started stealing increasing sums of money in order to fund deposits and property renovations on an increasing number of properties he was purchasing.


Aled continued stealing vast sums and in the end, the police had to become involved. He was convicted of MIRAS fraud in December 1999.


Julie Morgan Aberystwyth

In 1998 Dafydd and his solicitor were both served with false LIBEL proceedings and it  was discovered that there had been a

breach of data at his bank where a mortgage advisor, Julie Roberts, who then married his brother Aled, had accessed his bank accounts and passed information to a crook, who then served the false Libel proceedings.

Julie [Roberts] Morgan was immediately sacked.   


Through his business, Dafydd was travelling extensively and already knew a senior Government auditor who was showing a lot of ongoing interest because the ongoing attacks were getting more desperate.


Stewart Phillips New Quay

Following wild and unsubstantiated allegations from Stewart Phillips in 1998, Dafydd and his business partner were (falsely) arrested as being international drug dealers.

Stewart had gone into great detail on how the alleged organisation worked. He explained how (allegedly) the drugs were hidden within shipping containers and how these containers evaded customs on their way into the UK.


This was utter nonsense as they had only ever brought one container into the UK (from France) which was delivered directly to Stewart's business before going straight back to Dover port. 

At this period of time, the UK Government had just signed the Good Friday Peace Agreement and Intelligence agents from both Secret Intelligence Service and The Security Service were kicking their heels with nothing much to do.

It was decided to bring agents onto the Welsh mainland - Operation Dismember and to infiltrate Stewart Phillips' business in Sri Lanka under the US War on Drugs.





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