Rebecca Charity

"Drink, drugs, depression, antidepressants, mental health and suicide are not the problem, they are a symptom of a (economic) problem" Patrick Cullinane 1950-2016. Activist, Harrow, Middlesex


Digitalisation has led to a change of perceptions far greater than many imagine. The world has become a far smaller place with people more interconnected that ever before. People are now able to join up across the world and discuss matters in a far more collaborative way that ever.

World history brought our ancestors into two World Wars and sadly, despite what many will argue, we are again at a point where our democracy and 'our freedom's' are again under threat.

It is said that we live in a democracy, yet the public is under an illusion, being 'delighted' to be slowly yet increasingly enslaved through the money in our pockets.

It is clear that some officialdom is completely out of control and there is an ongoing culture of conspiracy and cover-up, going back for decades. Our nations have been attacked, not at our borders as before, but from individuals, working against the public good, inside country borders.

There can be no dispute that the world has become turbulent with Feudalism and Manoralism once more fighting Communism, hoping for a new World Order.

Consequently, the public is caught up in a never-ending circle of deceipt and is unable to resolve even the simplest of disputes.

The World is facing an imminent financial collapse of global currency.

Worldwide economies cannot this time, be repaired with financial Quantitive Easing and individual countries will have to kick start their economies through (the opposite of Quantitive Easing) which is where individuals are given state money. This process is known as Helicopter money.


The Rebecca Organisation is a charity, independent of, yet funded by the UK Government to process and settle disputes involving long standing victims and to offer a timely and efficient alternative than attending court. Our office network is part of the UK Government 'Levelling up' strategy, offering enhanced career opportunities, good pay and prospects throughout the United Kingdom

Headquarters - South Wales


Through the International CANZUK alliance comprising Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom together with the United States, our organisation will also have offices in all CANZUK countries with 

International office - London


The initial matters that we will concentrate on in the UK will be:

Financial Crime - South Wales - Corruption, wrongdoing and injustice.

Health Auditing - Belfast - Continual audits to uncover corruption, covered up future scandals, patient care, medical negligence, abuse and exploitation.

Missing Children - Glasgow - Help families and individuals trace and reunite messing children/ family.

Public Sector - England - Auditing and dispute resolution for Police and Local Authority complaints, Police brutality, False charges, False imprisonment, Corrupted Data and cover-ups. 

Agricultural - London - Financial reset, food chain, food nutrition and national recovery of Bee population etc.

Specialised units - The Charity will have two specialised units covering abuse at undisclosed locations. Dafydd Morgan will have no involvement with either unit. These units will work on claims surrounding children (these claims will have to be brought through a third party representing these children) and past Northern Ireland Troubles claims (claims will need to be processed through the Northern Ireland office). Both units will only be accessible through email and will have no claimant facing staff.

Every department will have its own office that will understand whistleblowers'/ claimants concerns and these charity sectors will be overseen by people who have years of experience in their particular fields