Health Auditing


In recent years, the United Kingdoms flagship Health Service, the NHS has come under much scrutiny and has had its reputation tarnished by ever increasing scandals.

The public are getting increasingly worried for their own healthcare should they need to enter the health care system by continual scandal, corruption, patient care failures, medical negligence, abuse and patient exploitation.

The Rebecca Organisation will establish a national auditing scheme where our own people will visit hospitals and medical establishments regularly, taking time to speak to medical specialists, doctors, medical staff, domestic staff and patients ensuring that the hospitals are running efficiently and professionally.

Our staff will also be there, as independent outsiders, to address concerns from all in order to bring past and further scandals into the public domains a matter of urgency. 

Our office, which will be the largest office within the Rebecca Organisation network, will be based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and will look after our own staff members throughout the United Kingdom.

There will also be an office at this address that victims from past Irish Troubles can attend to obtain advice and discuss their mediation claims.