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Dafydd Morgan

Corrupted Data - Should I be worried? Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

Corrupted Data - Should I be worried? Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

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I think you will be shocked by what you are about to read!

Personal data is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives.

The public is increasingly data tracked throughout everything we do, especially across a credit-driven modern world.

Authorities also rely extensively on the data that they share with their organisational partners.

This information sheet concentrates on the use of our data, behind our backs and totally beyond our expectations.

  • But what if the data is wrong?
  • How dangerous can this be?
  • What are the implications if our personal data has become entangled with others of the same name?

This information sheet is simple and concise in clear, easy to understand language.

Over 17 pages you will learn:

  • How does data work?
  • The advantages of data
  • The dangers of false data driven by assumptions
  • What are the implications if data is weaponised against the people?
  • What if authorities decide to victimise us beyond our knowledge through insider data stinging?
  • Is data out of control?
  • and much more!

This information sheet, based on years of experience, has been produced by an International financial activist and author, Dafydd Morgan.

Take charge of your data before its too late

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