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Dafydd Morgan

How to keep a Victim's Diary - Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

How to keep a Victim's Diary - Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

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Victims always struggle dealing with criminal activity.

They become fearful and paranoid through ruthless violence, harassment and bullying and find it difficult to explain to people how and why they have been attacked.

A victim's diary will record the sequence of events, individuals, and organisations involved and become pivotal in an individual's campaign and fight back.

This extensive information sheet is simple and concise in clear, easy to understand language.

Over 15 pages you will learn:

  • how to keep a diary logging all events and attacks
  • how this diary can be used in evidence
  • what information to log together with ideas such as
  • how to deal with bullies
  • how to fight back
  • how to protect documents and other evidence
  • how to incorporate hearsay and use it as evidence
  • and much more!

This comprehensive information sheet, based on years of experience, has been produced by an International financial activist and author, Dafydd Morgan.

Power up with a clear 'inside information' on:

How gangmasters and gang members work, their methodology, history, what happens when things go wrong and how to confront the enemy.

The diary will play an essential part in your campaign and will enable you to deal with all aggressors' behaviour and heal from the situation(s) into a new and bright future.

You owe yourself:

Invest in your future - download your own copy now!

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