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Dafydd Morgan

How to produce a Victim's timeline - Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

How to produce a Victim's timeline - Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

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Victims of criminal activity find it difficult to explain to people how and why they have been attacked and victimised.

It is often hard to explain all the details in a format that the public understands and a victim's timeline is critical as it can illustrate the sequence of events, individuals, and organisations involved.

This information sheet is simple and concise, in clear, easy to understand language.

Over 13 pages you will learn how to produce a:

  • two-page timeline together with
  • a four-page timeline that goes into greater detail featuring all sequences of events together with
  • a full-length timeline will be ongoing and covers all details that authorities will need to progress your case.

This comprehensive information sheet has been produced by an International financial activist and author, Dafydd Morgan and details what you should include on which timeline format.

You will get clear, in-depth advice on:

Document titles, background content, internet blogs, images, evidence Including hearsay evidence, how to detail who you complained to and what they did about it, how to stop police attacks to silence you, links to videos and newspaper articles and much more!

These timelines will play an essential part in your campaign and will enable you to deal with all aggressor's bully tactics, threats, and abuse.

Invest in your future and learn how to fight back!

Take charge and download your own copy now!

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