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Dafydd Morgan

Town Regeneration - Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

Town Regeneration - Dafydd Morgan - Information sheets

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Globalisation, products and ingredients travelling the vast road and air miles and drug funded economies are at an end.

The time has come for countries to become, once more, self-sufficient.

Consequently, they have left our towns and cities in a dreadful state.

The most prominent shops left are charity shops, mobile phone shops, betting shops, coffee bars and hairdressers.

Towns that were once the hubs of our communities, bustling with people, have become empty and unloved.

This information sheet is simple and concise, in clear, easy to understand language.

Over 23 pages you will learn:

  • What has happened to the heart of our communities, our towns and cities
  • How to immediately set about the regeneration of our towns and cities, starting today
  • Learn who your customer is, what makes them spend time in your town, how to re-shape and repurpose and start rebuilding our town centre' and rejuvenate the local economy and
  • Market the area for existing and new visitors

This comprehensive information sheet has been produced by an International financial activist and author, Dafydd Morgan.

"very good and well put together" leading businessman

Invest in your communities future and learn how to fight back!

Take charge and download your own copy now!

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